Lollipop Witch

all the hounds of you know where...

I picked up a germ somewhere (probably from Terri, who is dead come Monday) and now have a sore throat. But that’s all it really is now. I’m hoping it will stay that way and I’ll get over it soon. I really don’t have time to be sick and I’m not taking off work for anything less than being half-dead.

I picked up some clear plastic totes and drawers so that I can begin to get my craft stuff into some sort of order. I have the whole storage room in the basement as my craft room and stuff is spread out all over it. I want to take it with me when I move and so I will have to organize everything for compact storage. I also picked up a pop-up laundry basket because I was sick of tripping over my jeans and a under the bed storage bag for some odds and ends.

I found some stuffed toys and an unopened My Little Pony thing in my closet that I’m passing on to Krystal’s kids. I still want to get rid of my bike because I’m not going to use it and it’s just sitting on the porch.

Somehow, I got bleach on my purple sweater. Four little dots of white on the tummy. I about died. I cleaned the air purifier in the living room and replaced the carbon pre-filter. Pot roast for dinner tomorrow night.

I’m babbling a little aren’t I?

I told Ana, my beta reader, I’d have my story done sometime next week. She knows the challenge ends on the 21st. She’ll get the story back to me a few days before so I can make my corrections and then send it in. I have no idea what’s happening in the story and I rather think my protagonist is in love when a character that’s not supposed to be his love interest. I have no control but what else is new...

WTF Tinkerbell

I need to think out loud...

I need to think out loud. Despite the loss of half my saving because of my damn jaw (I still haven’t gotten the plastic mouthpiece and will have to call on Monday), I still plan to move out in autumn. I have implanted the idea of my parents moving to Fredericktown successfully. My Mom has even looked online for houses down there. There is mutterings of selling the house spring 2011. However, I have one sticking point. The cats. Oh, the cats. It will cost me an extra $25 a month to keep the kitties and we’re all under the impression that I must keep them. I waffle on this point. If I choose the studio apartment, I would have no way to keep the cats off my bed. Because I cannot stand cat fur on my bed and, inevitably, one of them will throw up on my blanket. The one bedroom apartments I’m casually looking at are all above $600. Most are around $630. Add the cost of the cats to that and we approach more than I am comfortable spending. I could do it but it wouldn’t be fun until I paid off my car and that payment went away. I have about 7,000 left on my car. Like I said, I could do it but it wouldn’t be fun while it was happening.

Any suggestions? Ideas? Sympathy?

I’m taking half of everything when I leave just because I’m the only one that uses it. Half the dishes and half the linens and half the furniture. The brown leather chair and the white chair are mine. I’d take two of the bookcases from downstairs and the white chest of drawers. I don’t want the red couch. It’s uncomfortable and I’m prefer something not such a shocking color. Then I’d need a small dinning table. And I can buy those things, I have the savings. If that is indeed a washer and dryer hook up I see in one apartment layout , I will stretch the savings to get a washer and dryer just so I don’t have to deal with the laundry outside of the apartment. Then, I would need a computer. I’d have the laptop, which I could live off of if I had to. But I want my own desktop. I can pay for the TV and Net. I can pay utilities and I can pay the credit cards. I could do it but it wouldn’t be fun.

Now, I’m worrying before it’s even happening. I always hear the rule “don’t spend more than you make” and I can do that. But, it would be close. I’m rounding my costs up in my calculations but it still sits that it would be close. [taps finger on desk]

Man, this sucks.


hate the universe...

I took today off from work before Thanksgiving and ended up with a cold anyway. Great. Now I can’t breathe through my nose.

I finally sat down and shredded a bunch of paper that was just sitting on the floor by the computer desk. It had started to overflow the crate we keep for things to be shredded and landing on the floor. It slowly covered the air register. Nobody bothered to move it. I figured that if the house caught on fire that it might be frowned upon if they found me laughing hysterically outside with just the cats. I filled two blue recycling bags with shredded paper and I’m only half way through the crate. But at least the floor is clean.

We have purchased our first air purifier. It’s a Honeywell 50250-N and my only complaint about it is the low percentage of particles removed from the air. This one has 77%, a bit better than the one I saw before but not great. But at least it comes with carbon without having to buy a ridiculously expensive filter. We ordered it store to store from Wal-Mart for about $170 total. Shipping is free when store to store and I’ll pick it up when it arrives in a few days. Wal-Mart has the replacement filters cheap, which is good because they will need to be replaced a lot with the air in this house.

Nothing is really going on right now. The cats are asleep and Mom is in her room reading her ebook. Dad left this morning and probably won’t be back until Saturday. I need to decide if I’m going to do the work of making mashed potatoes for the Yule party this weekend or if I should do something easier. The potatoes went over well at my work lunch for Thanksgiving and I think the others would really like mash potatoes at the potluck but it’s just a lot of peeling! I wonder if Krystal would like to come? She lives in U City and needs to get out more. I’ll ask.

A Thursday by any other name...

It’s a rare moment where I’m the only one up right now. Both my Mom and Dad are asleep, worn out from Thanksgiving. It’s silent in the house and I can hear an owl in the distance. Somewhere in the house, Boots’ bell is ringing as she moves. Boot’s bell is lower in tone while Little Bit’s is higher in tone. I can tell.

Thanksgiving was okay. We made too much food, despite me telling my Mom several times to cool it. She’s still stuck in the time where eight of us gathered for dinner. Now it’s just us four but she acts like there are several more mouths to feed than there are. Dan fried the turkey in the front yard. It was delicious. I ended up making the pumpkin and pecan pies even though my Mom said she’d do it. Then I made the spice cake she said to get too. The stupid spice cake is still there, untouched. We had mashed potatoes, dressing, corn, cheese broccoli, coleslaw, deviled eggs, gravy, rolls, and cottage cheese on the table. It was a stupid amount and we have a ridiculous amount left over. Next year, I say we just have pizza!

We’re not exchanging gifts this year because my brother needs to watch his cash flow. This is great for me, because I have no clue what I would have gotten my family. A few weeks ago, I spent $50 at Jo Ann and I plan to make my Christmas gifts for my friends from those items. If I’m really lucky, I can make what I want to without have to buy anything else.

My Mom has consented to buy air purifiers for the house. This is after a comment my Dad made about us really having to do something about the air quality in the house. At which point my Mom got pissed off and told him he really shouldn’t “go there.” [I’ve made my opinion about my Mom known. I won’t go any farther.] A week after that she surprised me by saying we should buy air purifiers. [insert curses] Of course, a web search revealed how expensive air purifiers are. To combat the smoke, you need one with carbon and those are even more expensive. Mom is trying to go as cheap as she can but this really is the type of thing where you get what you pay for. I told her I’d buy my own because a) I want one that will actually work and b) a good one would be nice to have in an apartment.

Now the Honeywell air purifiers come with a carbon pre-filter, a cleanable screen that goes around the inner HEPA filters. However, they are on the low end of percentage of particles removed at about 50%. Now, my favorite is an Austin Air Junior Healthmate. It has six pounds of activates carbon for smoke removal and 84% on particles removed. Plus, it has a ridiculous long life on the main filter. But it’s expensive at $300. The Alen is even better at 94% particles removed but it comes with a UV light and I’m not paying for a stupid UV light. Damn it, now I don’t know what to think!

WTF Tinkerbell

Saturday before...

My Dad came home on Friday, took a nap, and woke up sick three hours later. In fact, every time he comes home he gets sick. My Mom and I never catch what he has. I’m beginning to think he gets an illness from the house we’ve been exposed to and fought off while he falls victim to it. I would call this justice but I mostly am just sick of it.

I went up to Shop n’ Save to do the food shopping for Thanksgiving today. I was correct in my assumption that everyone was at the Wal-mart Super Store and I had no problems getting in and out of Shop n’ Save. I had a smallish list since there is only four of us [and in my opinion we could have done with even less but Mom said to get it. Two pies and a cake. Why? We’ll just end up throwing half of it away.]. Dan is doing the turkey and dressing [Halleluiah! Damn pain in the ass and I don’t even like dressing.]

Tuesday is the office potluck lunch and I’m an idiot. I offered to do the mashed potatoes since I have a crock pot now. Why do I offer to do things? Do I like pain that much? Monday night I’ll peel the potatoes and mash them. Then I’ll spoon them into the crock pot and set it in the fridge. When I get to the office on Tuesday I’ll need to set it on low and by 11am I should have warm mashed potatoes. Hopefully.

WTF Tinkerbell

Nervous breakdown in 3...2...1

I should be writing for NaNo and not surfing the web but it’s been sucky at work the last three days and I’m feeling rebellious. I came into work on Monday to find the printer off and was informed that the printer refuses to work by Amanda, my co-worker. Turn the printer on and it makes a horrible grinding noise, gives an error message and then turns itself off. [Amanda had already been at work for half an hour. Had she told Bruce the printer was broken? No. Had she called Datamax for service? No. Brilliant, love. Thanks.] I told Bruce and called Datamax for service. I actually got a live person that time. I was impressed. It was about 8:15am and I felt for sure that the tech would be out that day. No dice. He came Tuesday. Phil, who is the only one who knows how to change the printer settings on that damn piece of shit, disappeared on me around noon.

So, I have a whole day’s worth of jobs sitting there when the tech comes Tuesday morning first thing. Literally walked in behind me. Pulls the printer apart and find that we’ve broken something that is really rather hard to break. It’s the heating element/lamp rods for the finisher [the part that gets absurdly hot] and it’s not something he carries around with him. Yay! So, he disappeared for a few hours and I get Phil to change over the printers. This is not as easy as you think it should be because it causes the system to go wonky and print out tiny drawings instead of full size. But Phil gets it after an hour of messing with it. [Why? Fucking why!!!] So I have drawings printing slowly on the copier and drawing printing on the ink jet. [Kill me now.]

Datamax tech comes back around 1:00pm and fixes the printer. All rejoice as Phil spends another half an hour switching the printing back to the now fixed printer. [It really should be replaced. This is getting ridiculous.] What follows is a rush to catch up while Amanda tried to finish some report at the same time. [You need a report to see how many times a day you crap on the toilet? Sure, let me calculate that on my spreadsheet here.] God damn it...

Amy has the swine flu and been out since Friday. This morning she comes into work and everyone freaks out until Pat and Karl send her home again. She’s not allowed to come back until next week. Bobbi, the receptionist, called in sick today because she got an attack of colitis [points if you know what that is because I’m not explaining] and Amanda spent all day doing phones. And her homework for her college class. [Why the hell are you taking HTML? You hate computers!] I’d forgotten my laptop at home and by the time I fought traffic into St. Peters I couldn’t bring myself to fight traffic down to South County for NaNo.

Is the week over with yet?

Fluffy & Evil

Blah blah

I should be writing for NaNo but I’m not feeling it right now and I am instead surfing the internet for things to read. Since I haven’t spent any quality time on the home computer, where I can access all my websites, since before Samhain I have a bit of catching up to do. I hit 11,000 words at the Crooked Tree Coffeehouse on Saturday for my NaNo novel. Afterward I went to Wal-mart for the weekly shopping and then spent the evening over at Krystal’s apartment in U City. We turned off all the lights, lit a bunch of candles and just talked. [I however could have done without the stewardess plane crash training videos story. Thanks.] Hubby was off on a trip and she was bored and lonely by herself. Her cats like me. Also, I suggest never taking a drink of wine and then laughing. Choking on alcohol is not fun. Burns like no shit.

Anyway, laundry going in the washer downstairs. I made a batch of blueberry muffins and over half of them are already gone. I’ve had two. I finally got the last of the pumpkin army from off the porch. There are a few decorations around the house still but those are mostly the pumpkins and autumn stuff I will leave up until December. Dan, my brother, is coming over to the house for Thanksgiving. Last year we went to his place but we don’t think Mom would make a trip even over to Hazelwood right now. He’s bringing over the cooker to our house and will fry the turkey here. I’ll make the side dishes and the pies. Pumpkin and pecan pies and my Grandmother’s chocolate cake if I can sneak it in.

I’ve picked up the house. Mostly this consists of throwing away old mail and pieces of old newspaper. I have a crate of junk mail that needs to be shredded. Damn credit card offers. I don’t want any more cards, you stupid people! Leave me alone! I should vacuum, black fur from Boots is all over the floor. On an up note with Boots, I think she’s lost a little weight. I changed their dry food about two weeks ago and I am very pleased. Beef stir-fry for dinner.

Fluffy & Evil

That was awesome! But I'm never doing it again...

I was supposed to go out with just Jamie last night for dinner and a movie. I get a call from her Thursday saying that she hasn’t been with her Hubby in forever and she had plans to go out with another friend, Chris, on Saturday to go to a haunted house. She wanted to know if she could double up and go to the haunted house with both Chris and I on Friday night so she could spend time with Hubby on Saturday when he gets back in town. (I have thoughts and opinions about Steve, the hubby, and his fucked up expectations in life but I won’t go into that here.) I’d never done a haunted house before, never had the cause, so I agreed without knowing which haunted house it was.


It was The Darkness on Soulard. Oh hell. Well, maybe it wouldn’t be too bad. My biggest concern was my feet and having my toes on my right foot cramp on me as they are wont to do if I’m on my feet too long. The only way to stop the cramp is to walk on carpet in my bare feet. Not something I was going to find in an old warehouse in St. Louis. I worked myself nervous standing in line for 40 minutes, got through the front door, and stood in line for another 15 minutes. Hell will be a never ending line, I swear.

Got inside and the fun started. I liked the animatronics and the scenery. That was cool. Not so much with the actors in make-up appearing out of shadows. Also, Chris is awesome. She could be Ardith’s twin in looks and personality. She also had a habit of greeting the actors before I noticed them. I love her for that, I really do. Jamie went first, Chris after her, and I went last. I worried about the actors getting me from behind but another group of teens were almost directly on my heels and kept that from happening. Everything is foggy and I hate strobe lights. If I hadn’t been keeping a hand on Chris back I don’t think I would have made it through the strobe lighted areas. I couldn’t see anything, including the edge of a fake box. I have an awesome bruise on my hip from that.

Then, there were the pressure floors that moved under you on springs. So, suddenly I have to look at my feet to see what the hell is going on there and an actor gets me on my right. The actor on my left stops me from somersaulting over the guardrail. I really liked the mirror tunnel where you had to touch the mirrors to be able to tell which way was open and which was just a reflection. Again with the actors appearing out of the shadows. Also, they need to be more careful with where they hang the plastic body parts. Some of that stuff was right in the walkway and it hurt if it caught you in the head or shoulders.

Then we came to the 3D funhouse area. Another wait in a line for glasses. The 3D thing was awesome and was my favorite part. It had clowns. Everything popped at you. Then we came to the moving 3D tunnel. That was the one part I honestly could have done without. I was in the middle of the catwalk when the tunnel sped up or the light changed or something but all of a sudden I was falling. Logically, I knew that it was the round tunnel turning around us and that the catwalk was not moving but my eyes were telling me that I should be falling. Chris had to grab me and yank me across or I would have frozen right there clinging to the guardrail. Not fun. I stumbled out of that stupid tunnel and almost kissed the ground because that was the end of it and we were in the gift shop. Not my finest moment.

WTF Tinkerbell

same old song and dance

[yawns] I have no idea why I’m so tired. But I can’t take a nap or else I’ll never sleep tonight and that will make me useless at work on Monday.

I let my paid account on this journal end, simply because it’s $20 that I get to keep for something that really doesn’t matter anyway. I lost a bunch of avatar icons but my background stayed. So, I truly don’t care. Except I should try to post here at least a little. My other journal, my writing journal, gets more activity than this one. I am shamed. [pout]

My big witch and my big pumpkin-man Halloween decorations are ruined and it’s all my fault! A piece of stray tape got on the arm of the pumpkin-man and stuck to the witch. I had no idea and when I picked them up, I heard this loud rip. It tore pumpkin-man’s hand off and peeled off part of the witch’s torso. I about cried. That stupid witch is the third replacement of that decoration! Now, all I have left is Mr. Skull and he’s up in my window with Scotch mounting squares. I love those things, they never tear the decorations.

I ordered an embroidered shirt for the Witches’ Ball that arrived on Friday. It fits across the bust and tummy but it’s way too long. It goes down to my knees. I could wear the thing as a dress, for heaven’s sake. Krystal came over this afternoon and she’s going to hem it and fix the sleeves. I think I’ll end up wear a pair of pants rather than the skirt I have. The shirt will stand out more and I don’t want to look too busy. Then I need to get the diadem done. I bought more silver wire and I’m going to use the hematite beads Ardith gave me.

My Dad is home and tomorrow has to go up to the dentist to finish a root canal. It’s pork cutlets for dinner and whatever vegetables fall out of the freeze when I open the door.


morning peace broken

I was brushing my teeth this morning around 7:30 when I heard this horrible noise. I thought the grass people had come to mow the lawn. They were a bit early. They usually come late Thursday or early Friday. When they come, they buzz the house like bees for 10 minutes and then leave. However, this noise was very loud and I sounded like it was damaging something. I thought for sure they had mowed over a bush or a drain spout. I looked out my window to find a tree crew parked in the street chipping a huge dead log. Noisy as all shit.

When I left I took a few pictures and realized they were taking down that huge dead tree 2 houses down from us. They had the crane parked in their driveway and the large chipper parked on the street. One guy was up in the tree cutting off limbs. I was a little nauseous just looking at him up there. I’m terrified of heights and was having sympathy vertigo. When I got home this evening the tree was gone and the road was clear. Like it had never been there.